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luis caroprese biografia


Luis Alberto Caroprese was born on 26th June in Villa Urquiza neighbourhood; Buenos Aires City, Argentina.
He attended vocal techniques and repertoire of musical genres courses led by the Bachelor of Music Jorge Rosso. In 1998 Luis ventured into the melodic genre as well as into folk and popular music.
And along 2004 and 2005 he took part in the Música Diet series  (English: “Diet Music”) broadcast by Radio Continental – Desayuno Continental programme (English: “Continental Breakfast programme”) and by Radio Show – El Exprimidor programme (English: “The Squeezer programme”); La Red and Televisión Registrada, where he worked as a jingles singer under Jorge Rosso’s musical and technical direction.
Upon the tango enchantments captivating Luis Caroprese, he began to develop his professional carrer as a tango singer in June, 2004. He first presents “Sentimientos” (English: “Feelings”) together with the guitar player Héctor Vennera and the bandoneon player Chiche Curiale (a member of the concertina family) at the Platense Club. As from that moment, Luis Caroprese starts appearing on the stages of Buenos Aires City and the Buenos Aires conurbation, thus developing a succesful artistic carrer thanks to his audience’s acceptance and his own achievements.
From Mach to June 2005, Luis participates in the TV programme “Tangos y Algo Más” (English: “Tangos and Something More”) on Channel 4 broadcast from General San Martín district, with Héctor D’Estefano (presenter) and the tango singers Luis Romano, Eduardo Bas and Néstor Dremer. He also performs on the Cafetín de Tango TV programme together with Rubén Correa, Cristina Orozco and other professional singers on Channel 5 (Publi5) broadcast from Vicente López neighbourhood.
Luis Caroprese was nominated as a vocal finalist in the Cosquín Festival in 2006. He was also appointed as an acclaimed and established artist to sing at La Casona de Fernando, where he shared the stage with Alberto Bianco, Néstor Rolán, Silvia Nieves, Juan Vivas and other talents.
Luis Caroprese was finalist in the Singers and Songsters First Contest Carlos José Pérez de la Riestra, where he deserved special mention in the Tango Category.
Luis Caroprese’s first plenty-of-success year as a tango singer was crowned with the recording of his first professional material at the SoniCenter Studios, produced by Jorge Fernandez (JORFER) and under Maestro Roberto Álvarez musical direction. The music was in charge of the Chichara quartet, formed by Roberto Álvarez himself and his musicians.
Luis Caroprese has presented his repertoire at an endless number of places, both in Buenos Aires City and in the Buenos Aires conurbation, from where tango joints such as Café Montserrat, La Maga de Flores, Teatro del Viejo Consejo (at San Isidro), Teatro Roma (at Avellaneda), Afiches, La Biblioteca Café, Milonguera, El Morocho del Arrabal together with Maestro Mario Marmo as music director, Silvia Nieves, Darío Vitale and other talents, La Catedral del Tango together with Juan Montalvo and Néstor Dremer; and Club Sin Rumbo are worth mentioning.
Caroprese has beein invited to take part in some cultural events at El Centro Cultural de Tango de la Zona Norte (English: “The Tango Cultural Centre from Northem Buenos Aires) since 2006. He has also played and sung popular, folk and tango music together with Pedro Altamirando at the Centro Cultural del Árbol (Bar Casiopea – San Isidro) and the Club CAOSA at Olivos.
In September, 2007, Luis participated in the First Tango Festival in San Isidro neighbourhood on behalf of the Centro Cultural del tango de San Isidro.
From the very begining of his artistic carrer as a solois, Luis Caroprese has worked together with outstanding musicians, amongst whom Roberto Oses, Héctor Vennera, Chice Curiale, Alberto Becerra, the trio Los Intérpretes are worth mentioning.
Nowadays Luis offers his shows with Chelo Gómez (guitar) and Carlos Montllau (piano).
In 2008 he produced his own show “Noche de Tango” at a traditional bar in Villa Urquiza neighbourhood called “El Faro”, to which he invited some singers such as Jorge Guillermo, Gustavo Plaza, Cristina Orozco, Graciela Barrios and other talents.
Luis was a guest artist at a Dinner Show (dinner with entertainment) in the traditional Confitería Ideal, where he gave the main performance together with prestigious musicians.
At present he offers his shows at private and corporate events.
Invited by the production management of “Los tres Berretines” radio programme hosted at the moment by Gogo Safigueroa, Luis Caroprese gave a live performance together with Chelo Gómez (guitar) during “Radio La 2×4” radio programme hosted by Mrs Graciela Raffa.
Del viejo Consejo Theatre – San Isidro neighbourhood – National Tango Day. December 2008.